Is frugal just a nice word for cheap?

I’m not one of those women that finishes Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.  In fact, before I had kids (read: when I had money) I used to leave it all to the very last minute. I almost delighted in the last minute rush of shopping.  In the last few years I have turned in to one of those women that sends cookies and handmade refrigerator magnets.  Now that I am home full time I fully expect to start crafting reindeer from dryer lint before the middle of November.  Sorry, family, for ruining the surprise.  In all honesty, this is the first Christmas since I have taken the Pinterest plunge.   I am afraid.

Even if you are not armed with a glue gun and some glitter if you start shopping early and take advantage of online sales you can score some serious deals.

Faith from Virginia asks:

Am I being frugal or just plain cheap?  Last year for Christmas I gave my mother-in-law a cute picture of my son on a canvas. She loved it, cried happy tears, showed it off proudly to everyone. The thing is, it was free. Ok, I did have to pay a small shipping charge, but that’s it. It’s not that I don’t WANT to shower my loved ones with gifts galore, I really do, but money is very tight. Am I banking too much on sentimental value? Help!

I am a sentimental gal, so perhaps I am not the right person to ask, but I say good gift! When gifting a homemade gift or scoring a great deal I always ask myself two things.  Would I be happy to receive this? Would I have paid full price for it? As long as your answer is yes I think you are a-ok!

We live in a time of immediate satisfaction.  If you want something you can have it delivered to your door or your smartphone in no time.  It’s tougher and tougher to give someone a gift that they really want and more and more of us are “that person that has everything.” So, I say go for the sentiment.  And really, maybe someone has thought it, but has anyone every heard anyone say it out loud – “Oh, man, look  at this crap! Another picture of my damn grandkids!! Like I need that!!”

Now, has anyone seen my hole punch?  There is a sale at JoAnn’s on pipe cleaners – can I grab you a bag while I am there?

14 responses to “Is frugal just a nice word for cheap?

  1. Dryer lint reindeer hmmm, I could do that! Seriously though I’ve already scored a couple of awesome freebies and now I wont feel like a cheapo when giving them.

  2. Just because of material within this world we forgot the true gift of giving.. When something comes from heart.. it always allows some mode of thought to take away from what the true gift is.. Love is giving inside of forgiveness of unconditional circumstances.. This is not to be taken as cheap or anything of the latter.. When did it become about material when we started living outside of ourselves.. Some gifts leave a lasting memory which is more valuable than money or any object. It is in love that this is real.. within love that this is permanent as it is the only thing you can take with you! Deep unconditional love.. great post my friend!

  3. I love pictures of my grandchildren, for any occasion. (Hint, hint)
    Love you all! That Lucy, Yoga girl already!

  4. I say that all the time…they just clutter up the fridge door and the bedsisde table. give me a reindeer out of dryer lint any day. Or wine corks…reindeer out of wine corks. Knitted scarves out of unravelled old sweaters. Quilts out of old clothes. When you have little kids, your TIME is invaluable. Pics of the grandkids are wonderful, but so it anything that you made with your hands while junior was trying to stick a bobbypin into the electrical outlet. Especially if it’s free. Then your mom won’t feel guilty that you spent your hard-earned cash on her. And then pass her the heel of the meatloaf. :-) Merry Christmas!

  5. Free shit from Shutterbug is ALWAYS a good idea…whether you’re gifting it or keeping it…in my opinion. I’m a firm believer in making gifts have meaning and making something yourself shows that a lot of personal time and effort went into it, which is awesome. Homemade gifts are the best.
    New SAHM + Pinterest = crafting. I still have my Halloween banner sitting half finished on my kitchen table. My husband thinks it’s funny and has no idea where this new person I’ve become came from. I should make things out of the dryer lint just to scare him.

  6. I don’t think it matters about the cost of a gift, it’s the thought, time and effort that you put into finding a gift that you think the receiver will like. You can find so many cool and quirky items in second-hand shops!

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