Help me! My bathroom is driving me crazy!!




I am not one of those women that has to have every single room in her house just so.  But I like things to look like I did it on purpose.  There is a wooden crate full of my daughter’s shoes in our bathroom by the side door.  It is not ideal.  I wish I had a built-in that suggested that this bathroom pulls double duty as a mud room, of sorts.  But for now, I have a wooden crate filled with shoes and it is clear that it is on purpose.  It isn’t beautiful, but it is functional.

In a different bathroom I have something that does not look to be at all on purpose.  It is not beautiful, unless you think that two inch and a half square pieces of black duct tape are beautiful.

When my bouncing baby became a terror on two legs she pulled herself up on everything.  The couch, my legs, the toilet paper holder.  You see where this is going, no?  She pulled the toilet paper holder out of the wall.  Simple fix.  Patch the drywall and repaint.  It’s a small bathroom, in fact, just the toilet and shower. The rest of the bathroom is outside a door and I have already painted in there.

But there is a problem.  When the house was getting a fresh coat of Builder Beige before we bought it someone painted over the wallpaper in this bathroom. Painted. Over. The. Wallpaper.  I have no choice but to remove the wallpaper in order to fix the holes.  Removing wallpaper, sanding drywall, repainting – these are not tasks that my 13 month old would find boring.  Oh no.  She would love to help.  It’s me. I am not game for wall paper removal with a tiny sidekick.

Enter two squares of black duct tape and a toilet paper stand.

Here’s where you come in, my crafty readers.  What can I do in the interim that doesn’t drive me nuts?  Below you can see what the rest of the bathroom looks like.  Apothecary shower curtain, plain black cabinet, signatures on the curtain over the window.

Find me a clever little wall sticker.  Tell me a reason that I need to have a knee high floating shelf.  Talk me out of an enormous wall decal.  Because really, who spends a hundred bucks to cover up two squares of duct tape? I am dangerously close to ModPodging a cool image of a phrenology head to my wall.

Help.  I’m not one of those women that has duct tape on her wall.  So help me.  I’m not.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 2.49.31 PM

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4 responses to “Help me! My bathroom is driving me crazy!!

  1. Ooh, I know. I saw it on Pinterest somewhere. It was this cool little built-in cubby that popped out to reveal a toilet brush or something similar. Then you could just cut out a small bit of dry wall, install said cubby, and bam! It’s intentional!

  2. Our kitchen is like that….painted over wallpaper. I haven’t messed with it and have no desire to. When we painted a few years ago I just added another layer to the wall. Let the next owners deal with it. lol

  3. What about a cool tin sign? Like the Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women ( This eye exam chart sort of matches your old-ey time-ey feel (

    Otherwise, I say go for the modge podge!

  4. I have that but still a whoke and found a free standing toilet paper holder. .. they do selll those funky duct tape roll…

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